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Atomic Kitten


Albums by Atomic Kitten
(chronologically sorted)

2001 - Right Now
2002 - Feels So Good
2003 - Atomic Kitten
2004 - Ladies Night

Greatest Hits of Atomic Kitten

1 Eternal Flame
2 You Are
3 It's OK
4 Whole Again
5 Be With You
6 Somebody Like Me
7 Ladies Night
9 The Last Goodbye
10 If You Come To Me

Atomic Kitten Biography - Profile

Foundation: 1999 - Liverpool, England

Band Members: Elizabeth McClarton, Natasha Hamilton, Kerry Katona, Jenny Frost

First released record: "Right Now" 

Claim to fame: Whole Again - 2001

Labels: EMI, Virgin, Innocent 

Music styles: Pop, Dance

> Smash Hits Awards: 2001


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